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Kapil Singla
Forever Business Owner (FBO)
FBO ID: 200002416566
A Licensed Dental Surgeon (BDS); MBA
Dental Public Health Resident; Drug Safety Manager
Independent FLP Distributor Since Jan 2011
Sonya Daily Skincare System | Forever Living
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Item# 609

Sonya Daily Skincare System

The Sonya daily skincare system delivers aloe, moisture and botanicals deep into your skin thanks to Forevers advanced gel-based technology.

$80.47 USD


Sonya daily skincare systemThe Sonya daily skincare system delivers aloe moisture and botanicals deep into your skin thanks to Forever s advanced gel based technology. Formulated specifically for combination skin the entire line provides the best of science and nature for every aspect of your daily skincare routine. Cleanse illuminate refine and moisturize for skin that feels refreshed rejuvenated and looks its absolute best.What is combination skin? It s dry in some areas oily in others and can fluctuate depending on the season and environmental factors. Sonya daily skincare combines four powerful products to restore balance to combination skin leaving it feeling hydrated and soft.This kit includes Sonya refreshing gel cleanserThis next generation cleanser uses ingredients that easily remove dirt and makeup plus features our own aloe vera with moisturizing agents like cold pressed Baobab oil to leave skin feeling soothed and moisturized.Sonya illuminating gelRestore natural brilliance and glow to combination skin with the power of five Asian botanicals that make it one of a kind and will leave you with a soft smooth complexion and healthy glow.Sonya refining gel maskThis gel based night mask supports skin s appearance by controlling oil and brightening your complexion. Bring balance comfort and glow to your combination skin while you sleep Sonya soothing gel moisturizerThe finishing touch for your daily routine is filled with lush botanicals and powerful ingredients for a moist and dewy complexion with unmatched hydration.Combination skin has met its match Make Sonya daily skincare part of your routine for skin that looks and feels its absolute best. This is the perfect year round system for combination skin.


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